Monday, 24 April 2017

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Post from the Tahsis Community Garden Society Blog

I'm sharing this blog post from Silvie at the Tahsis Community Garden Society Blog, a great event and our local Community Garden yesterday!  Check out the garden blog, lots of excitement for gardening in our beautiful climate!

We finally got a nice sunny day in Tahsis and the timing was perfect - there were 50 asparagus crowns to go into the 
Farm to School garden. 

A last minute call went out to CMESS students and a few were able to participate in the planting with Organic Master Gardener Terry. 

Our resident 'Duck Lady' Juanita, suggested that if anyone had a birthday today, that would be a good way to remember the planting.  Resident 'Corgi Lady' Silvie, piped up, 'why it's the Queen's 91st birthday!'

So we planted asparagus crowns on Her Majesty's birthday - and we even had a (royal) Corgi there to supervise, with Maester Percy the Spaniel as (official) Advisor.  


Granger digs in.

 Beneath the Holly tree, Natasha planted the primroses that were used to decorate the food table at our AGM.  
The Mason Bees will enjoy these.  

Lining up the planting area as 
Cookie the Corgi circles the group. 

Sweet Percy waits for a treat

Beautiful day, thank you Terry for sharing your knowledge and thanks to the young Tahsites who came out to help.  We'll remember this planting day in the years to come when the asparagus is enjoyed @ Farm to School.  
A Happy Birthday to Queen Elizabeth! 

Tahsis Health Centre May Schedule

click poster for larger view

Upcoming Events from the Tahsis Literacy Society

click poster for larger view

click poster for larger view

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Easter 2017 in Esperanza

Thank you to our wonderful hosts, our neighbours in Esperanza who put on a lovely Easter celebration! 

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Tahsis Salmon Hatchery Releases 160 000 Chinook

From Dean Stoltz at CHEK News April 13th 2017:

The Tahsis Salmon Enhancement Society was established in 1982 when only 12 chinook salmon returned to the Tahsis River that year.

Growth has been slow, but steady ever since.

Friday was moving day for 160,000 young chinook salmon at the Tahsis salmon hatchery.

They’ve been growing at the hatchery since they were harvested as eggs last fall.

“They’ll be in this sea pen for approximately three weeks and then we open the net and let them go. And they’ll head right up to the gulf of Alaska” said Tahsis Salmon Enhancement Society President Frank Collins. 

Several volunteers as well as Enhancement Technicians from the nearby DFO Conuma Hatchery gathered Thursday to help move the fish. 

The salmon are moved in a tank on a truck to a boat launch, where they’re then transferred to another tank on a boat and moved out to a sea pen in the Tahsis Inlet where the fish will become acclimatized to the salt water for three to four weeks. 

“Survival rate is about 4% and we had 160,000 chinook (released four years ago) and the return that came back last year was 1300” said Collins. 

Excellent numbers by any hatchery standard, government or community.

The fish are going into the Leiner River but it all started in 1982 when just 12 salmon came back to the Tahsis River.

Last year 257 chinook came back.

“Pretty enjoyable when you see all those fish and they’re nice healthy fish and they’re going in the sea pen and they’ll be in there for a month or so and then we release them and then four years down the road we see what we get back” commented Bill Dwulit, an original member of the Tahsis Enhancement Society. 

“The big difference is putting them in the sea pens for a few weeks before release helping them acclimatize to the salt water and that’s given us higher returns overall than just straight river release” said Lyndy Vroom, an Enhancement Technician at the nearby Conuma Hatchery run by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. 

Since 1982  there have been roughly 6 million salmon fry released in Tahsis and for the volunteers it’s a labour of love and a commitment to declining salmon stocks.

“I don’t know how to say it but I tell you our group is so proud of what we’re doing” added Collins. 

And next week they’ll be preparing 70,000 more chinook for release into the Tahsis River.

Getting ready to herd the fish to the end to scoop them up more easily.

Salmon Enhancement volunteers Jim and Bill

Frank with Fisheries Stewardship Coordinator Sam Kagan

Taking the fish out of the tank at the Tahsis Hatchery


Getting ready to transfer the fish from the truck to the boat

Transferring the fish from the tank in the truck to the tank in the boat!

Tahsis Salmon Enhancement Society President Frank Collins

Heading off to deposit the fish into the sea pen.


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